Island of Šolta, a Gem of the Adriatic

This small island has been my home for, on and off, now almost 30 years. It wasn’t until I moved away, that I have realised the whole beauty of it, but I got to really know it when I got my hiking companion, shar pei Hector #Hectorthedog.

For the past year, two of us are exploring the island on a daily basis, for work since we run a small travel agency, but mostly for pleasure.

Šolta is situated just 9 NM (17 km) from the city of Split, but even though it is the closest to the mainland of all Central Dalmatia’s island it is probably the most overseen Croatian island from them all.

Small in size, just 59 km2 large, it has so much to offer. That way on this teeny-tiny island you can find autochthonous sort of wine and olive, a special kind of honey, many rare specimens of flora and fauna, architectural remains from different historical periods and almost as many artists as there are houses on the island.

Little less than 2000 citizens that are living in 8 island’s villages and a few bigger bays are mostly dedicated to tourism and hospitality, but also winemaking and olive growing.

Now that I gave you the usual information we can get to the important stuff – how to get here and what to do during your stay.

First of all, there is no hard partying here, sure, we have a few beach bars, you can play your guitar on the beach, have a romantic evening, but if you want to party this is not the best island for you (that is what you do on Hvar or Pag here in Croatia).

First that you have to do is to come to Split and then you can get to Šolta with an hour-long car-ferry ride, half an hour catamaran ride or even quicker (but the most expensive) way, the speed-boat transfer.

You’ll need a few days to explore the whole island so you’ll definitely need accommodation, and that is where Hector the dog and I can help you.

And these are the things you have to do while here:

  • Drink Dobričić autochthonous red wine sort from Šolta
  • Taste olive oil, especially one made from sort Levatinka that is autochthonous for Šolta
  • Go and have a traditional Šolta’s meal at Household Kaštelanac in Gornje Selo
  • Snorkelling in one of the beautiful bays on the southern side of the island (our recommendation is Brnistrova bay)
  • Go Diving
  • Take a walk through inland villages (Donje Selo, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo and Grohote)
  • Go to naive painter’s gallery “Vicko Buktenica”
  • Hike the whole island
  • Go and get some Honey at Household Tvrdić honey
  • Go to Maslinica and experience the most beautiful sunset in the world
  • Listen to Klapa singing (multipart singing) and see Folklore dancing

This is just a small insight, everything more than this you will have to discover in person, and trust me, you will fall in love with this island as soon as you step on it.

We’ll be waiting for you!

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