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Brisbane Trike Tours, Our First Trike Experience

It was a warm morning; we were driving down to Southbank to meet Chrissy from the Brisbane Trike Tours.  Neither I, nor Tina had even been on a motorcycle before, let alone a trike!

We certainly made sure we arrived in plenty of time, as we did not want to miss a second of what was going to be a memorable experience.

We turned a corner, and Chrissy was already there, with multiple tourists taking snaps of ‘The Bling Queen’.  ; we is the legendary trike that Christina takes her passengers on.

So the usual formalities, the very challenging helmet mounting, safety briefing and the syncing of the Bluetooth headsets.

Before we knew it, we were on the trike and on our way.  The sense of danger and openness completely disappears when you get moving. Also, any fear of feeling claustrophobic due to the helmet will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Straight away you are told about the diverse history of the Southbank region, more specifically the building she had seen being hoisted up from its position at street level to the dizzying heights to go along with the building development taking place.

Over the course of the next 2 HOURS, your are taken around Brisbane, including the following;

  • Brisbane CBD.
  • Heritage buildings such as,
    • Customs House,
    • Parliament House,
    • Tower Mill, and
    • Commissariat Store.
  • Over the Story Bridge.
  • Around Roma Street Parklands.
  • Down probably the steepest street (seemed like a rollercoaster ride, albeit briefly).
  • Driving up seeing some of the most incredible views of Brisbane, culminating in the drive up to Mount Coot-tha lookout.

You need to take your camera with you, we managed to take some great video and photos whilst on the move.  Be sure though to make sure your camera is strapped to your wrist.  You don’t want to be loosing you high tech now do you.

Be prepared to be waved at, at every opportunity by locals and tourists alike.  We even got asked at Mount Coot-tha for a photo next to the trike.

I can tell you now, the price for this tour is from $125AUD for one person and $150AUD for two people was a bargain.  There are some reasons why;

  1. You get to ride a trike (where and when else are you going to be able to do that in Brisbane).
  2. Chrissy your driver, and guide is incredibly knowledgeable of the local area.
  3. Near perfect weather throughout the year (as you can see from our pictures).
  4. Nothing seems rushed.  If you are stuck in traffic, that time is not taken off you tour.  You will get to see everything on the tour list, even if this takes slightly longer.

Why not have a look and see what other tours Chrissy and the Brisbane Trike Tours do using the link below.  Also why your there why not follow them on there social media channels.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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