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F1, Top Gear, and Military Bikes at the Home of the Motor Museum

This was one of Joshua’s first outings and his first taste of Beaulieu. Tina’s mum and dad used to have a caravan down in these neck of the woods (these woods being the New Forest). I had never been to Beaulieu, and the opportunity arose when Mum and her husband Ken came over for our wedding in March 2018. Just as I write this, it seems like an eternity ago and it’s only coming into December of the same year.

Anyhoo, back on point Webber.

Cars couldn’t be any further from interesting my mother. So, I was decided that It would be the lads, boys on tour type road trip. That trip became anything but when we had arrived and my son had had the biggest, and I mean the biggest shit. It was everywhere, arms, legs, back, feet, you name it and it was caked in the liquid. 

Anyway, enough about shit.

So after 30 minutes or sorting that out, we took a walk to the nearby Top Gear exhibition. 

I had been watching Top Gear for years with the comedic trio (I mean before the American and YouTube presenter took over after punch gate).  Some of the most iconic challenges were on show. You have Clarkson’s seemingly indestructible Toyota Hilux, trough to Hammonds makeshift canal boat.

This place is just massive! So big infant they have a bus shuttle to take you from place to place. I’m not sure how often they run, but it was so quiet the day we went the bus didn’t seem to be running very often.

All that exploring meant food was needed. I found the restaurant area to be quite small for the size and potential visitors Beaulieu can accommodate. Especially if the weather isn’t too kind during the summer months. 

We arrived at about 10 in the morning and we had pretty much done everything that we wanted to do by about 3 pm. That means everything, all the warehouses full of cars and even the tiny army exhibition at the opposite end. 

However, having said that. On a night summer day. Picnic in tow can see Beaulieu being a really nice place to visit. 

But, as they say. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. You will not need to make a second visit unless they add quite a substantial new exhibit.

Top Tips When Visiting Beaulieu

  • Come equipped for all weathers, the British weather can change in a heartbeat. 
  • Bring a camera, the photos you will get of the different automobiles from across the ages are amazing.
  • If you are disabled and have a carer then you can get a free carers ticket. Evidence will be required in the form of your Blue Badge or relevant benefit entitlement.
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