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The Very Dissapointing Hangi Meal We Ate At Kiwi Kai in Rotorua

So it was our final day in Rotorua, and we headed to Kiwi Kai for a nice Hangi lunch.  Kiwi Kai is situated right next to the main shopping centre, and with parking, just opposite was a really good location.

So we had only had a Hangi lunch at the Tamaki Maori Experience just a few days ago, so we knew what we were going to expect.

Kiwi Kai is a takeaway joint that you could sit and eat in if you wished to.  The decor was minimal, and the menu limited.  Tina decided to go for Lamb Hangi, Lee the Lamb, Chicken and Mutton Hangi.  Both of which included, pumpkin, kumara, potato, cabbage, mixed vegetables, and Rowena stuffing.  We had decided to have some fried bread to soak up some of those juices.

We were surprised to see that everything had been pre-packaged and then just handed to us.  So who knows how long this particular foil container had been sitting in there, as there was no indication as to when it was cooked.  So we opened up the containers and looked at the mess that we were going to be eating.

The meat was cheap cuts, full of gristle and the chicken leg that I had was pretty much just bone; the juice that it was all sitting in had just turned all the potato, kumara and cabbage to mush.  The meal lacked much-needed seasoning, and we ended up putting a lot of salt and pepper just to make it more edible.

So, unfortunately, we would not be returning when we visit New Zealand again.  We would also suggest keeping those dollars in your wallet and visiting the Tamaki Maori Experience, where you get some incredible Hangi and an outstanding evening of entertainment.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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The Very Dissapointing Hangi Meal We Ate At Kiwi Kai in RotoruaIt is illegal to sell traditional Hangi in New Zealand due to food hygiene reasons. This was not nice, and seemed to have been cooked up and left in the food warmer for hours.