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The Magical Chocywoccydoodah’s Decadent Garden Afternoon Tea Alternative

Ok, I need to give a bit of a backstory to this place. Down in these parts of the world (in fact, many parts of the world) you have heard of this place. The cakes they produce are a thing of beauty. You can see below the cake I got Tina from here a few years back. 

Fast forward to June 2018 and it was a day full or surprises for my beloved wife. I must point out at this point that you will need to book this way in advance. I booked this for a Saturday morning and needed at least 4-6 weeks to get the time I wanted.

We arrived so early, that we took a short pit stop in Costa for a drink.

Boom, we were off. Tina had literally zero clue as to what was going on. Walking through the laines in Brighton we stood outside the Choccywoccydoodah shop. “lets have a look” I say. Thinking that the penny would drop. Nope, we looked around and then I say lets go have a look upstairs. Again, nothing. We are standing right by the decadent garden, in absolute awe of the handcrafted cakes and goodies within.

“Can I help you?” a voice from behind asked.

“Yes, I have a booking under the name of Webber.” BOOM! Penny finally dropped and Tina was gleaming from ear to ear. “OMG, OMG, OMG is all I could hear as the gate was opened and we were welcomed into the garden.

Let the feast begin. First was a strawberry chocolate champagne. OMFG, this was to die for. I am not a big fan of alcohol especially champagne. However, all you got here was strawberry chocolate. Savouring every mouthful, this was quickly followed with our dipping plater.

OMG, it was a chocolate overload and a chocolate lovers heaven! 

Loaded with a more than healthy dose of sugary treats (not to mention strawberries). With a trio of dipping chocolates. We were told to pace ourselves as this was just the beginning. Oh how little did we know just how much was still to arrive.

At this point we were told that whatever we don’t eat we can take away. Thank god for that, as there was no way I could stomach what arrived next.

8… that’s right… 8 slices of 4 different cakes. I cannot for the life of me remember them all now. However you did have a pralines one in there as well as a chocolate orange one. They were all incredible! At this point we were both ready to be rolled out the door.

Like a true salesman I give you the incredible story, and then hit you with the price. So for our decadent garden morning of chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate was £30 per head. This included all you have seen above plus a drink of your choice each.

If we have inspired you to take a trip to Choccywoccydoodah’s here in Brighton, England you can find out more in their website and social pipes below.

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Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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