The Beer Spas of Prague

At first, thought, having a beer spa seems a bit odd. Am I soon to smell like the floor of an old college bar? Are grumpy faced old men going to shower me with cans of warm beer? Though the latter would lead to some very interesting traveling anecdotes, nothing could be further from the truth.

On a recent trip to Prague, my wife, another couple and I were able to visit one of the several beer spas located within the city. Though all of the spas seemed very nice, we chose the Bernard Beer Spa located very near to downtown. The spa itself is a hot drawn bath with water that is infused with the various aromatics used to create the signature Bernard Beer. With taps of Bernard beer located next to the baths, it’s a miracle that they ever get anyone to leave. After your relaxing soak in the hot tubsafterwardyou are led to a private heated room that allows the aromatics to work their magic.

There are showers located within the spa, but they are used before you enter as it is encouraged not to shower afterward to allow the spa to achieve its full effect. With the un-pasteurized Bernard Beer available free of charge during your time at the spa, I can speak very authoritatively that there is absolutely no reason to pre-drink before coming. Ever. Trust me.

Beer? Check. Spa? Check. A combination of the two? Czech. The beer spas of Prague are a one-of-a-kind experience.

When your time is up, and it will fly by very quickly, you are treated to another complimentary bottle of Bernard Beer and are, unfortunately, sent back into the real world. I had assumed before going into the spa that you would want to shower afterward but the herbs used in the brewing process are very relaxing, and you do want to hang onto the experience as long as possible.

Prices can range between $100-$150 depending on the size of your party but is definitely worth the experience. Remember, though, that slots will book up very quickly especially during peak season.

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