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A Bohemian Holiday

Do you know what makes for a memorable adventure? The interesting people you encounter during your galavants. We were all lined up at gate 52 getting ready to board the plane to Prague. Just before having to show my boarding pass and passport I heard someone behind me singing at the top of her lungs and if I may add, very much so out of tune. I couldn’t help but noticeably giggle as my friend voiced a soft “People are so strange”. It was the same girl who moments earlier was doing a dance routine whilst everyone stared bemusedly. Ah, a wannabe pop star with not a care in the world about public etiquette. Interesting. I love when people don’t care what others think! I hadn’t even entered the plane and the fun had surely begun. All I was missing at that moment was a beautiful European city.

Shortly after getting dropped off from the airport, I walked towards our hostel on Misenska street and realized the city was going to show me a level beauty I had not yet experienced. I had only been breathing pragueian air for about 30 seconds and was already hit by a series of colorful pastel buildings in an alley situated under the ancient tower of Charles bridge. I’m not sure if I have managed to effectively paint the scene for you but I do promise that it was quite something. I had just arrived but already knew that the two days I had would not be enough to feast my eyes on this city.

I dropped my bags off and began exploring immediately. I crossed the Charles bridge towards Mala Strana and made my way up a hill where the Prague Castle is situated. After reaching the top,  I turned around and with the castle standing tall behind me, we both looked out upon the cityscape. The view was jaw dropping and it seemed like my eyes were opening wider than they had ever done before.

It wasn’t just the manmade castles, bridges, and towers that created such a beautiful sight. But equally the sky above it. The clouds that hovered were of vibrant flaming hues. It is surreal when manmade beauty and natural beauty meet to put on a show for us.

The rest of the night was filled with careless galavanting around the Old Town and looking out upon the glimmering Vltava River. And like I said in the beginning, the strange characters that you encounter make an adventure that much more memorable. This is in reference to the two naked drunk men I saw lying on the street with their clothes in a nearby bush.

The next morning was my last chance to take in as much of the city as I could. I made my way across the Charles Bridge where I watched a flock of ducks race across the river. After wandering south along the river, I was greeted by the Dancing House also known as Fred and Ginger. At Vsyerhad, we had a short but painful hike up a hill where I  encountered a massive fortress and views so inexplicably stunning. The last views were surely the sweetest.

Nicole Maria
Nicole Maria
I like to pack my bags, fall in love, get my heart broken, eat good food, dance all night, write about it, and do it all again.

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