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The Tranquile Polynesian Spa in Rotorua

Well, we had been travelling pretty much non-stop for the past five weeks.  Whether this is the 5,000km around Australia or the near 1,500km clocked up in the first few days in New Zealand.

So it was great to have a lovely relaxing time at the Polynesian Spa in Rotorua.

So you have three separate areas and then the Private Pool that you can rent on a 30-minute basis.  Where you have your own heated changing area and great views out onto Lake Rotorua.

Travelling with little ones, no worries.  You can visit the Family Pool which is chlorinated so no health hazards.  Also the great thing, NO time limit, and you get a fully qualified lifeguard at all times.

But for those of you that are travelling on your own or want that adult only experience.  You can either visit the Adult Spa where the pools range from 38-42 degrees Celsius.  Perfect for those cold winter mornings (please note with this, that it does not include towels, bathing suit or security lockers.  Those are chargeable extras).  If however, you want that private adult experience.  But, do not want to limit yourself to a 30-minute private pool.  We would highly recommend the Premium Area – Lake Spa.  Here you can relax without any children, yes, it may cost almost double the adult pools.  But for that, you get thermally heated recliners, toiletries in the form of shampoo and conditioner, lockers and towels (if you still want a bathing suit, this will cost you extra).

We were here for 3 hours, moving from different pools.  Experiencing the hot and cold plunge is something for those with a brave heart.  The shock nearly gave me a heart attack.  But the feeling you get afterward is quite euphoric.

You can book your tickets through the website.

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