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Our Little Adventure on Getting the Train to Paris

So we’re up early, we plan to walk around Paris. But of course we have to get there first, and a Peruvian train was our plan of action.

Okay firstly a ticket needed to be brought, we did, of course, do a bit of research and found the ticket we needed. This was a combination ticket; the first was get us into Paris itself with the second getting us to the Notre Dame via the metro.

We got to the station and found no station master but a white box. Luckily there was an English button to our light relief. So we jumped through the hoops and pressed all the right buttons, then it spits our card out and says, no printer paper left! What, you what! Arrr what do we do, we in the suburbs of France, with no one around to ask. We had no choice but to wait for the train regardless. While we waited, Lee Google translated the problem we had at the station to show the ticket master on the train.

The train arrived, it was a double-decker train. It was a complete novelty for me, and even though it felt wrong getting on with no ticket, it was refreshing to walk up and sit on the top layer of the train.

So we are sitting on the train for about 15mins and then almost out of nowhere four conductors appeared. I was pleased that Lee did the translation thing and showed the conductor the screenshots taken, he shouted across to the other conductor and then proceed to ask us if the statement was true in French (we think). Eeeek, we said yes, and he continued to ask us for our passports. Double eeeek, luckily I had put them in my bag just in case, I showed them to the conductor, but I think he only wanted to see where we were from. He gave us the one-way tickets we needed and left us be; it could have been a lot worse if we weren’t able to use our phones in France.

Luckily a little forward thinking from mister Webber helped us out.

We were a little dubious when we got to the metro station about the tickets we had been given, so we went to the customer help desk, and after some confused looks we were on our way.

It pays to ask if you’re ever in doubt, the workers are trained to deal with any problems so if you’re ever in doubt just ask.

It’s funny. We thought our ticket or tickets back to our host house would be immensely more difficult, seeing as we were going back from the other side of Paris but it was as easy as going to the ticket box, changing the language to English and putting in our destination and we were away. Quick and easy.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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