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The Shocking Juggs Pub just outside of Lewes, East Sussex

The Juggs pub just outside Lewes, East Sussex. Where do I start with this one.?

This was a secret get together with Tina’s cousins, however, I suck at keeping good secrets and Tina sort of realised where we were going. Booooooo, you suck Tina!

We had been told on good authority that the food was top notch here. So, I was looking forward to this one. I normally have a good look at the menu before we go anywhere so I get an idea of what tickles my fancy. However, I hadn’t had time to have a browse of the menu for here.

What a massive mistake I made not looking at the menu prior to going.

My normal go to is a good burger, I had one at the nearby Cock Inn which you can read all about HERE. I would if I am honest as the food there is vastly superior to what I sampled here. The selections were reversed here. I decided to go the fish and chip supper with a side of onion rings while Tina decided to devour a burger. 

Ok, so bare with me now as I try and explain the rest of the evening.

Everyone’s food appeared to arrived before mine, I mean I get that you had a fair few orders for our table. But still, it wasn’t like the pub was heaving. Anyway, once all the food had arrived, I was giving Joshua some peas and the tomato from my plate. All the while the server came over and asked if everything was ok.


The fish I had was incredibly greasy. Like it had been put in oil that wasn’t hot enough to begin with. Thus leaving the fish soaking up the fat like a sponge. To go with that, the batter used was incredibly bland. It was like they had put zero seasoning into it at all. I actually couldn’t really find anything to write home about with this meal.

I ate as much as I could before having to leave the rest.

Ooooo, time for a dessert! Lets fill that second stomach we all know we have.

I suffer from some intolerances to some dairy products. This all depends on factors that I have yet to decipher. So, it was decided that I would go up and order the desserts. At the same time highlighting the poor quality of the food I had experienced.


I was utterly dumbfounded with the way I was spoken to. I wasn’t looking for a freebie, nor money off the bill. Just simply giving feedback (as most places value). I was told in no uncertain terms that If I had a problem with the meal that I should have told the waiter when they asked.

That immediately got my back up… I took a deep breath and hit them with this… “Had my meal come out with everyone else’s, I would have had chance to eat some of said meal. Therefore highlighting to the waitress my concerns. Instead I received my meal the same time as the waitress asked if everything was ok. How the fuck am I meant to give feedback so soon!” Yes, I did swear. Do I feel bad about it. Not a chance, I through principle decided to not have a dessert.

I’m quite glad I did as the brownie that Tina had was dry.

Normally here we would give you the address so you can go and sample yourself. However, we have taken one for the team here and will steer you clear of here.

Drive a little further (about 5-10 minutes) and visit either The Cock Inn or The Green Man pubs. The food is far superior and price wise, are on par with here.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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