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My Sides Were Splitting over Shitfaced Showtimes, Oliver with a Twist

Right, this is going to be all over the place. I’m not going to lie, however, it will still be as organised as what i witnessed with Oliver with a Twist.

I certainly don’t mean that in a negative way by any means. But, first lets bring you up to speed if you have never heard of the Shitfaced Showtime crew. You have a small team of 5 actors, 1 compar, and the audio/visual team.

The show was approximately 1 hour in length, and before the show kicked off you had the compar explain proceedings. My eyes were well and truly focused on a table centre stage with what was obviously bottles of something underneath. The victim of the drink this evening was Alan. Having already drunk a bottle of wine and the best part of half a bottle of gin. I was left wondering as to what state he would be in.

You could immediately see who the wankered member of the team was.

Let’s quickly rewind to prior to the show starting. Two members of the audience were given musical instruments. Their job, was to get Alan even more enebriated. However, they could only use their power once, and once only. So needed to choose their timing right.

Alan was so drunk, Oliver became Olivia and was constantly referred to as neither a boy or girl as they just didnt know. Fagan became Mr. Penny (no idea why). It was just the funniest show you are likely to watch.

You will tend to find them across the country, but more recently at the Brighton Fringe Festival.

I cannot locate a website, but you can follow them on their social pipes at Twitter and Instagram.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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