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BOGOF Burgers at The Westbourne Pub in Hove

This was the venue for our second date way back in 2014. I’ll spare the awkward entrance I made that day for another time.

Fortunately, we went on a day where it was BOGOF burgers. Fortunately again, we found a table that had not been reserved. I had no idea that we needed to, but makes perfect sense with the buy on get one free burgers on offer.

From experience, I remember this place specialised in speciality ciders. Which was something that was right up both of our street.

Having arriving just after 5.00pm, we were starving. It was time to grab a drink, and choose our grub. With a choice between beef, chicken, lamb/feta, soy, and felafel I knew what mine would be. Tina, choose lamb and feta (couldn’t have picked a worse burger for me).

As you can see below, the burgers looked amazing! The only problem I have was (and is quite common) the bun was not toasted. It was however, a nice change to have a seeded toped bun instead of a sometimes stale one that falls apart.

Parking is a total bitch anywhere around Brighton and Hove at the best of times. So, we and to park a short walk away. Arriving together was so much better than having our second date all those years ago here. Arriving later than I was hoping (didn’t realise just how far it was away from where I was living at the time), I certainly made an entrance that is now a standing joke between us.

We will certainly be back here again soon.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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