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Meeting Some of the Family at Monkey World

Or as I like to say with a big grin, gleefully clapping my hand’s MONKEYS! MONKEYS! MONKEYS!

I’m not sure if this is coming across, but I was a little excited to be going to monkey world, getting the chance to meet Amy, Gordon, Jethro and all the other monkeys I had watched throughout the years of watching the TV show connected to this beautiful place. And it didn’t disappoint it was terrific to see the enormous open feel enclosures; they even had numerous tunnels that were very cleverly designed to go over our heads and through the trees for the monkeys to run inside and out.

I’m always a little apprehensive about going to zoos and such like because I wonder how well the animals are treated, but my mind was put to rest with what I sore at monkey world.

We caught the chimpanzees at lunchtime and saw the challenge and the puzzle they went through to investigate and forage for food. It was clear to us that everyone there was doing the best for the animals. We took so many pictures and even got to have a few close-up encounters with a couple of friendly very photogenic and adorable cabochon monkeys.

My favourite moment though was as we were watching the baby chimps in the nursery. Everyone was watching and taking pictures through the glass of the cutest baby chimps, and as I stepped back to let others take a photo, I looked up I found a rather large mummy looking at us from the top floor. I chuckled to myself as Lee, and the other people starred so intensity at the babies they had no idea they were being watched too. Hehe.

We took our time walking around, reading the info about the different monkeys, had a bit of a picnic and even did the mini woodland walk but I wouldn’t say it would make a long day out, but we spent a good three and half hours to so.

For me, it was a lovely place to visit, and I would do so again and again.

Tina x

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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