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Spending The Afternoon At The Film Museum In Frankfurt

It was something both me and Tina love, films!  Anything from the latest blockbuster through to indie films that would be more fitting in a 99p bargain bin.  We were so excited to visit this place, we had never heard of a film museum before and when we drove through Frankfurt a few days earlier had driven straight past.

What to expect…

Well quite obviously all things film, but what you do get is above what we had imagined there to be, but we will talk more about these as we go on.   The museum’s permanent exhibits are stretched over two floors covering around 800 square metres.  The exhibits showcase the film as a medium, its physical principles and the aesthetic modes of operation.  Stunning original memorabilia, working models which need very little explanation, hands-on experiences (such as video editing, sound mixing and even a green screen), and a series of TVs showing how similar films are across different genres such as editing shots and music used as just a couple of examples.

The first floor is all about the history of film and cinematography, showing how people back in the late 1800’s and early 19000’s produced these moving pictures.  You won’t feel claustrophobic at all, all the exhibits are spread out, but the layout does mean that there will be a lot of walking back and forward to make sure you do not miss any of the historical items.  It was nice, as the museum was really quiet so we didn’t feel as though we needed to move on because other people were pushing you on.

What you do have on the first floor just before the exit is a mini cinema.  This cinema seats about 12/16 people and its all about where the history of the film art began, you will be treated to two programmes that demonstrates the inventiveness and variety of the early film.  Featuring well-known classics from the Lumière brothers and poetic enchantments from the film magician Georges Méliès

As you either head up the stairs or take the lift to the second floor you really know what to expect, you head in and immediately get asked to show your entry ticket again.

When you get past the gate keeper, you are immediately greeted by three huge tvs on the wall showing various snippets of films.  We will talk more about this later, but for now, our eyes were drawn to the multiple ways in which films create the effect.  You can see how rapid the developments in the digital cinema have progressed over recent years, showing how a technically-orientated would become outdated very soon.  You exhibition therefore illuminates the essential elements of film narrative, such as camera angles, lighting, the architecture and special effects, how music and sound effects affect perception of images, the gestures and facial expressions used to arouse the viewers identification to how editing the film creates a mood.  Showing how different genres are edited differently to create the narrative.


Well we have talked about the wonderful things you are treated with whilst at this tiny but jam-packed museum.  The prices as of March 2016 are as below;

  • Adults 6 €
  • Concession* 3 €

* Children aged 6 and over, Students, Trainees, Disabled, Unemployed

Temporary Exhibition and combined tickets

Please ask at the counter or phone: +49 (0)69 961 220 220

  • Adult 18,00 €
  • Concession* 10,00 €
  • Family 28,00 €

Tourists and visitors run the chance to obtain a Two-day-ticket (Zweitage-Karte) that offers free admission to 33 Exhibition locations in Frankfurter and surroundings.

Cinema Admission

  • Adults 7,00 €
  • Students 5,00 €

With special guests, musical accompaniment, lectures, 3D: 2,00 € in addition

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