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The Final Lunch With Mum and Abbie Before We Left

The time in Australia was not complete without a final trip to Nando’s.  I know, we are not ones for the commercial food.  But, who can say no to some Piri-Piri chicken? I know I can’t!

So mum, Abbie and I went into Ipswich.  More specifically, Riverlink shopping centre.

I ordered the open pitta chicken, with chilli jam.  With the sides of garlic bread (buttery, crispy goodness), and some spicy rice.  I keep forgetting that the spicy rice, is actually quite spicy.  It didn’t help that I smothered with rice in some medium sauce. When, when will I learn!

The meal was nice. However, Abbie and I got our meals.  With mum getting her coleslaw, but the meal did not arrive.  So we had both nearly finished, and I went up to find out where this meal was.  They had forgotten all about it and had misplaced the ticket.  Very shocking indeed I’m sure you will agree.

There was no offer of a refund, nor was there a gift card to use next time as a form of apology.  Just a “sorry, we had lost the ticket.  We will bring it out shortly”.

I have to say, the only two times I have eaten at this particular Nando’s.  Both times, there was a cock-up of some kind.

So, our advice would be peoples.  Avoid this Nandos.  Whether it is quiet, or busy.  Something is bound to happen.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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