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Whats all the Cairns Hype About!?

Well, we had a blast on Cairns but it honestly it didn’t start off so well. On our first day, we had just driven up from Mission Beach; we decided to blow off our accommodation and pay to stay up here in Cairns for the following two days.

We were so looking forward to our spectator mini stay in Cairns, sun, sea, sand.. well yeah it didn’t correctly work out that way.

As I said we had driven up, and the weather was well not pleasant, not cold but rain and rain and a little bit more rain. Endless amounts of rain. Yes, endless.. dull grey sky, still hot as hell but it looked like a gloomy English winters day. We felt so let down by the Australian people, the tourist boards and everybody who uses a picture of the sun-kissed deep blue sea, we even stood on Trinity Beach and made a video about how disappointed we were. Okay, okay so maybe our ranting didn’t get us anywhere but it was what we needed to vent our disdain at the lack of a god damn picture book, fairy-tale seaside town, we had imagined in our heads.

We drove along the seafront and got out and had a few mini walks but really at this point we just wanted to rest as we were feeling a little disheartened. So day one was a bit of a bust, we crawled into our incredible crappie motel room and watched the news!

Breaking news! Cairns has had it wettest May day for 96 years! Wtf! Indeed, well friggin fabulous. Ugh, right, junk TV and bedtime it is!

So new day new outlook, yesterday, we were somewhat a little disillusioned but today was going to be different. The rain was still out, but a little lighter, and we were determined to make the most of our day. We got up fairly early, waterproofs on and headed out to the botanical gardens, next to the crystal cascades, a drive up to Port Douglas and we even fitted in the Cairn’s night markets in the evening. A lovely cram-packed day, of which you can read more by clicking on the links provided.

Let’s put it this way our second day was a lot better than the first, and I’m glad we made an effort to travel this far up. I would recommend coming to Cairns, it is a beautiful place, just possibly best to go in the spring/summer then the autumn/winter as we did.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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