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Sheep Shearing at the Agrodome in Rotorua

So the Agrodome was stop number two on our second Grayline tour.  So after our Waitomo Cave experience, we headed down to the smelly town of Rotorua, and the Agrodome farm.  This farm is all about showing you about showing you sheep shearing, feeding of the animals and sheepdog trials.

So you arrive, and you can instantly see how they have taken this traditional farm and turned into a huge money making idea.  Shear number of people passing through is enormous and is very evident when you get to the shearing amphitheatre.  This building seats at least 100-150, but probably maybe double that.  They do a show three times a day for the general public.  But if you are booked onto a tour, then you get your show.

We had a chap called Shane being our guide.  He was certainly the guy that made this worth the money, cracking jokes and just generally larking around.  After the sheep had lost his wool, it was on the tractor and our tour around the different paddocks.  Heading through the cow field, it is the only time you are not allowed off the tractor trailer.  You will be able to see why in the picture below, just the size of the beast next to Shane.

The next part was the best part of the tour.  Off the trailer and out into the paddock, along with around 50 sheep.  You are given a handful of food, and the gym workout begins.  Trying to keep your footing when you have sheep bashing around you is certainly a challenge.  However, the satisfaction of feeding these animals, especially seeing people from cultures where farms are not all that common is great to see.

If you are down in Rotorua, get yourself some Agrodome Tickets for $33.50 AUD (farm show only), $47.30 AUD, what a random number (farm tour only) and a combined price of $65.00 AUD for both.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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