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Durlston Castle and the Jurassic Coast

Durlston Castle stands within Durlston Country Park, 280-acre country park & nature reserve stretching along the coastline south of Swanage, on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

We arrived at the car park at the top of the hill and walked down the to the castle. It was freezing, I had about six layers on and felt like the Michelin man wearing Lee’s coat but anyway….. The castle was built on the side of the cliff; as we looked down from the top, we could see the top of the great globe and the stunning coastal views.

We walked our way around the castle and followed the coastal path to the right. As we walked down there were signs to visit the caves; we thought… ooooh caves, so we powered on through the strong icy cold winds.

We wandered along the winding path with the most stunning view of the English channel, and we came to the opening of the cave but unfortunately, they weren’t open, and it looked liked it had been closed for some time.

We did see something that tickled us in a very school-like manner; we came across a sign that pointed out some the wildlife we might come across on our journey and I have to say the ‘Shag’ bird did tickle us pink a little. (Yes we are small children and oh course we told our equally silly friends of this discovery too).

As we came to a big dip in the path we were following, there was a part of the cliff that hadn’t been walled off. So me being me, I decided to scare the willies out of Lee and stand as close to the edge as I felt comfortable. Hehe bare in mind the wind was powerful at the time and mister Lee, told me off for going so close. He took my hand gave me the most almighty look of disapproval. Hehe oops.

We walked back along the same path and made our way to the ‘Great Globe’. (This was to the left of the castle).

The Great Globe is one of the largest stone spheres in the world and is constructed of Portland stone. It is recorded to weigh about 40 tonnes and is 3 metres in diameter. Its enormity was stunning, and it looks almost new as the graffiti had been kept to a minimum. This place is beautiful and has some of the most stunning coastal views. It’s not a place you could stay all day in the winter. In the summer the paths would be a delight but we got too cold, and even though the castle has a cafe in it. All of this wasn’t enough to make us stay any longer than a few hours.

This was a pleasant day out, with a little history and adventure thrown in.

Durlston Castle Website HERE

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