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Astagina Resort Villa and Spa Breakfast

Breakfast was included throughout our 41 days here.  We had seen on TripAdvisor that the breakfast was more geared towards the Asian palette.  So from left to right on the buffet table, you had (on a typical day);

  • Rice/Noodles,
  • Potatoes (honey gems, hash browns or sautéed potatoes),
  • Sausages (either beef or chicken, no pork sausage in sight),
  • Bacon (streaky, very hit or miss is it is crispy or pretty much looking uncooked),
  • Indonesian dish (fish or chicken),
  • Baked Beans (i don’t know if it was my taste buds or not.  But it did seem to have a vinegary taste),
  • Gratine tomatoes (half a tomato with minced garlic on top)

You then had a Soto Ayam.  Which is a soup/broth with a selection of chicken, noodles, etc. that you put inside it.

On the other side of the restaurant, you have the fruit, drinks, cereal, milk, pastries, and bread.  The fruit tends to be varieties of melon, which is ideal for Tina.  But I cannot stand fruit, so it’s no fruit for me.  However, I am partial to pastry.  On our first day, what did I spot? The most delicious Pan Au Chocolat.  I was in heaven, but I knew my waistline would not be if I continued to eat like this for the whole time.

Next, to this, you then have the hot drink cart, so your teas and coffee.  But where are the eggs?  Have no fear eggy lovers; you have an egg station where your eggs are cooked to order.  Have either fried, scrambled, poached or an omelette.  With the omelette, you can have a selection of meats and vegetables.  I must say they do make making an omelette look ever so easy.

So whether you want to be adventurous with your brekkie or stick to a western breakfast.  The Astagina Resort Villa & Spa has you covered all bases.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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