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The Most Authentic Mexican Outside Mexico at the Taco Beach Grill in Bali

Well, we have been in Bali now for about a week, and we still have not ventured out and sampled any of the local restaurants.  We had read about the Taco Beach Grill, from Facebook groups and TripAdvisor.  So we had to take a visit.

It was about a mile from where we were staying, and instead of getting a taxi.  Decided to walk (that way, well my way of thinking is that I can justify eating more of the good Mexican stuff).  We did decide though to play a little game on our way.  The game was thus.  How many times we will be either asked ‘massage, massage’ or ‘shopping, shopping’ from the local business owners and workers.  We counted 28 times in a short 30-minute walk.

Google did a good job of directing us straight to them.

The menu is vast, and just as you would imagine from any good Mexican restaurant.  You have over 20 different tacos, and that’s without looking at the quesadillas, burritos or chimichangas!  We decided to go for some prawn ceviche, a selection of soft tacos (none of this hard shell Mexican wannabes) along with some avocado chips.  I know you are intrigued just like we were.  But patience, we will get to those shortly.

The tacos we had,  OMG! They were just incredible.  One thing I would say, though, don’t use a knife and fork.  Get messy, be Mexican and savour every mouthful.  First up was the chicken taco for Tina and a beef taco for myself.  The size is just enormous; you couldn’t even close them.  Indeed a two-handed job, and elbows up.  The flavour is something we had never had before in a taco.  The seasoning, the textures, and the sauces were as authentic as anything you will get in the heart of Mexico City.

This was followed by pulled pork and pork crackling taco.  We shared these, but oh I wish we had our own.  The textures from the soft pulled pork, the crunch from the pork skin, the silky avocado, and the gorgeous salsa verde were my favourite of the night.

Then it was the turn of the avocado chips.  This is something we had never seen on a menu before.  So we had to try them, what you get is this deep fried avocado.  With the crispiest coating and the smoothest inside.  We will be trying these again before we leave.

Then the million dollar question.  Do we devour some more tacos, or do we sample one of the delicious desserts on offer?  The sugar demon within prevailed and a relatively healthy dessert of chocolate mousse and strawberry yoghurt was sampled.  The mousse was so dense.  None of this airy, fairy full of bubbles crap you often get.  The yoghurt was incredible, and the sharpness cut through the bitterness of the chocolate to create the most unusual but yet deeply satisfying dessert we have had since visiting the Alchemy Restaurant in Brisbane back in March.

Will we be going back again before we head off for our next adventure? You bet we will!

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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The Most Authentic Mexican Outside Mexico at the Taco Beach Grill in BaliCome hungry, leave full! Some of the most authentic Mexican food you find in all of Indonesia.