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Getting a History Lesson at the Bajra Sandhi Monument

 Bajra Sandhi Monument

This monument is built in the traditional Balinese style, depictions on the outside of the Hindu favourites, mixed with beautiful flowing lines and repetitive patterns.

This building is certainly incredibly impressive and is a place where a lot of people come to take graduation or wedding photos, but there is more to this monument then it’s undeniable beauty.

Inside there is a photo exhibition dedicated to the documentation of the invasion of the Dutch. The stories behind the photos are heartbreaking and one you should check out if you want to understand Bali’s history a little more.

In the main body of the building, there is a huge fish pond with fish and water features, very striking.

On the next level, there is a 360 set of dioramas depicting important parts of the history, development, and religion in the Balinese’s history and it’s a real eye-opener.

The next level is only reachable by a spiral staircase; the steps are steep, but it’s totally worth the climb as the view is stunning. Complete 360 views of the green surrounding park and the surrounding town, utterly breathtaking and even better when the window is open and you get an excellent breeze. Lol sorry, but Bali is hot! Hehe.

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