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The Mother Temple in Bali

If was one of the last full day tours we had in Bali.  We had been past Mount Agung, and now it was time to head to the mother temple.

This cultural and historic site has become such a tourist spot its crazy.  At about 35,000IDR to go in, will leave you feeling quite disappointed compared to some of the places you can visit.

You park up and take a relatively long walk up through to shacks selling you tat, and overpriced tourist food.  Then, before you even reach the temple, you come across people cooking what looked like 4-day old chicken.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend eating from there.  Unless you want to risk of spending a few days in bed, or at worse in hospital.

So anyway, we arrived at the bottom of the temple. There are so many buildings. However, you are not allowed to enter the central area.  Unless you want to pay an absolute arm and a leg for a private guide.  I went along with our driver, and friend Wayan Bawa.

Walking around you do get a sense of the temple being unclean, I can only say this for the areas we walked through.  However, looking over the walls, it did look a lot nicer in the more restricted areas.  You can see from some of the pictures, we did get some nice ones.  But all in all.  I was very disappointed in the mother temple.

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Lee Webber
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