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The Weekly Streets of London Curry Night

We had heard from a few people about the Streets of London, the food was meant to be nice and plenty of things for the younger generation to do such as bouncy castles, etc.

Let’s see if all the hype was correct!

Well, you can so easily drive straight past the Streets of London, the thing you will find with Spain.  More particularly in southern Spain, is that you will miss where you want to go.  The reason why is that many places are set just off the main road and, not all have an exit for them.  Sometimes you need to drive past and then drive back, many require you to come off before you even see the restaurant, Streets of London though the exit is slightly before hand. just before a huge yellow flashing sign turn offend your right there, boom.

Do your research, and you will not miss them.

Food Quality

We went on a Wednesday evening for there all you can eat curry nights; we will discuss the price and value in the next section.  What yo duo get though is a wide selection, what you get does vary from week to week, but when we went, we got the following.

  • Four different curries
  • Two different kinds of rice
  • popadoms
  • Five different starters (including tandoori chicken, onion bajjiis, naan (which wasn’t naan but more focaccia bread), Bombay potato and spare ribs)

I had to go for the chicken curry, ‘naan’, onion bajiis, Bombay potato, special rice and some poppadoms and chutney and salsa.  You know what, I had heard many things about the Indians in Spain and the fact that they are not great, which led to my surprise with this place.  The food was lovely; you could tell that all the food was homemade.  How fresh it all was I don’t know, because there seemed to be a lot of food available but not many people in actually eating it.  I think on the night we went there were another three tables as well as us, so it does beg the question how fresh can it all be.

Value for Money

For the 10€ price tag, we were sceptical about the quality of the food in comparison to the price.  We were not disappointed, for just over £7 a head for a homemade buffet dinner.  Back in the UK, you would be paying around £15.00 for a buffet of the same quality, double the price.  That’s craziness.

However, when you compare that with the prices of food here in the south of Spain it does work out slightly more than you would pay in a restaurant.


You will find that the curry nights are on a Wednesday starting at 7.00pm.  I think that this has been a very strategic thing because they love to watch the football and Wednesdays is champions league night, and you will find that you quiet meal is interrupted by the local boys who like to watch there team.

We found that come 8.00pm we could barely hear ourselves speak and we were at the opposite end of the restaurant to the TV.  Also in the Summer, you will be swamped with families with their children with the outside entertainment.

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a quiet night out with the missus.  Then you will only get an hour or so in before the football starts in during the season.  However, if you have a family with small children during the summer months, you can get yourself fed and the children entertained for an excellent price.

But do your research and don’t miss your turning to get here, or you will find yourself having to drive another 15 minutes to make the loop back around.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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The Weekly Streets of London Curry NightWith the curry nights every Wednesday. During the football season you are likley to experience the locals wanting to watch their football team. Ruining the experience after 9pm.