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There’s a saying in Singapore – Live to Eat or Eat to Live. We, Singaporeans, love our food. We also love our spice that may come with certain dishes. So if you don’t handle heat quite as much read on to the next part dedicated just for you!

Nasi Lemak

For the most authentic taste of Singaporean flavours, go to the hawker centres or coffee shops in the heartlands. There you find your local everyday go-to and signature local dishes that should not be missed. To name a few – Hokkien Mee which is stir-fried egg and rice noodles with seafood and pork or chicken and Nasi Lemak which is fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf usually paired with fried ikan billis (anchovies) and peanuts, cucumber and a dollop of sambal (hot sauce).

Tip: The length of the queue for a stall usually equates to how tasty the food is! Or if you spot someone that is having something you wish to try, ask them where they got it from, they tend to be rather helpful towards foodies.

Hawker food

Catered to expats and travellers without losing its local charm

Tailored to your taste buds with a less brutal kick of spice that still has every bit of Singapore element in it as possible, would be the hawkers in town. Many have outdoor seating areas with various stalls. You will be able to find local favourites like Chilli Crab and satays which are skewered and grilled meat served usually with peanut sauce.

A simple guide and know-how from a born and breed Singaporean for your food escapades! The variety you find in this tiny country is incredibly diverse due to its multi-racial and cultural background.

A few locations to go to would be Lau Pat Sat or Chinatown Food Street if you would like to look around the area to experience the culture or Makansutra Gluttons Bay which is in town with a nice scenic view of the city just a few steps away.

Tip: If you are eating alone, bring a pack of napkins so you can “reserve” the seat. It is a local way of saying this seat is taken so you can feel free to order without worrying about finding a seat later of trays of food!

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

For a refined palate of Asian cuisine with a touch of Singapore flare

For those that want to try a unique take on Asian flavours, do check out the many restaurants in Singapore that showcases contemporary Asian fusion dishes and drinks might be something you would be interested! Many can be found in shop houses around Amoy Street or Telok Ayer Street that has a rich history yet vibrant and current trends.

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