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The Rather Expensive Alberts Bar & Grill in Andalusia

So we’re here is the beautiful southern sunny Spain and our lovely hosts (Lee’s brother and his girlfriend) took us to a stunning little restaurant down in Cabopino port.

Alberts is based In the port of Cabopino in Andalusia

I have to say if we hadn’t been taken there we would of never of know it was there.

They don’t have much presence on social media, but after talking to the manager, we found out that most of their business comes form either word of mouth or TripAdvisor. They have a very high ranking on TripAdvisor as they have been given five stars by every customer for the past year in all categories! That pretty impressive and for a good reason.

Food Quality

Ooooh, the menu was filled with the most Exquisite descriptions of what you can only imagine being eloquent sumptuous looking plates.

As I browsed the menu, I could not help being a little hindered by the price. This was a treat from Lees brother, but still, it was a factor.

So I went for a starter (Lee didn’t) of potted beef, the quality and the beef was very obvious as the pulled texture of the beef and the strong meaty taste was lovely.  I also had a little try of the others starters of cheesy garlic bread; it was probably the best garlic bread I ever tasted. Mmmm

For mains, I had the chicken kiev, parmesan mash with tomato salsa. Oh, my beautiful days, it was sublime, I really couldn’t fault it in any way. It was the right amount of food; the flavours were very well balanced. Lee went for the meat pizza, the pizza came out, and I almost regretted my decision. I had a little taste, and it was delicious although Lee did say the additional oil drizzled on the pizza was too much and would have been a lot better without it. But I have to say that is a very Spanish thing and unfortunately not one that I and Lee enjoy.

Oooh so now down to pudding. Hmmmm :) I shared a chocolate brownie I was delicious and not overly sweet? It was a great end to a lovely meal

Value for Money at Alberts Bar & Grill

So this is a tricky one, on the one hand for the food we had, and the type of place this was it was in line with what you would expect to pay. But! And there is a but, I and Lee just wouldn’t feel comfortable paying this much for food. We know our budget inside and out, and unfortunately, we just couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a dinner, when we know we could have brought weeks worth of groceries with it. Some would say indulge a little, but this comes very uneasily to us.


We arrived just after 8.00am there was someone already in there talking to what appeared to be the owner.  She then called out the back for service.  I wasn’t pleased that she was too busy gasbagging and grabbed a young lady from out the back to serve us.  This could have been a supplier or just a regular customer but anyway.

We went on a Tuesday evening, and the seemed very quiet, but you must bare in mind its now December and most places in Spain close down for the winter. But the restaurant itself was very nicely and professionally decorated with a chic sailing theme thoughout. The waiter and management were very chatty, they came and spoke to us about our travels, and we felt very welcoming.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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The Rather Expensive Alberts Bar & Grill in AndalusiaThis little hidden beauty we found was very expensive for the overall experience. Somewhere we would not visit again if we were paying for ourselves. Thanks Jez for the meal.