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Thessaloniki, the biggest and most beautiful city in Northern Greece! Have you ever been there?

Have you ever been in Thessaloniki? Thessaloniki is the biggest city after Athens, it is a gulf, and it has a port and a great beach avenue. Thessaloniki may be the Greek co-capital (some Greeks call it this way) but is the capital of food! This city is a little getaway, it has choices for all types of people, and it is still an alive cell where beautiful things are being created every day.

Is safe there, peaceful, and ideal for the mindfulness of your month. You need 3 days to walk around the city, to enjoy the sun setting by the sea, to climb up the White Tower, to visit the tunnels under the Saint Dimitrios Church, to drink a cocktail in a small bar with good music, to attend an art exhibition, to eat a huge pita gyros and drink a frappe coffee.

If you have more free time you could make a day trip to Mt. Olympus (1,5 hour away) or spent a morning in nature in Mt. Hortiatis (30 minutes away). We use to hike some easy trails there and feel close to nature, which is important and gives you power.

Thessaloniki offers travellers a bit of sun even in winter, delicious food even in midnight, nightlife even during the weekdays and wonderful sunsets!!

Thessaloniki is an active city. Small groups of artists, musicians, unemployed people create projects, festivals, and exhibitions that upgrade the quality level of life. Is a whole new dimension brought out from everyday experiences and expressed wonderfully from some talented, friendly people.

This small city in Northern Greece hugs you smoothly, gives you a feeling of familiarity and you want to come back soon. This happens to everyone because in Thessaloniki you can find something to satisfy every style of person. This is the city I know best, and if you happen to be there, I hope it will treat you right. I would personally love to share some knowledge about it so don’t hesitate to contact me, or share your story with me or just say hi. If not just relax and enjoy it, it is lovely!

Thenia Gagalidou
Thenia Gagalidou
Tour Leader, Travel Blogger and private trips planner in Greece.

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