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Climb Every Mountain

Salzburg, Austria. Oh, where do I even start? The truth is I have been putting off writing this article for so long now that it has been almost two years since the trip. Why have I been so slow to write about Salzburg? I feared that I would never be able to write anything that could do this sublime city any justice. It took two years but I have now accepted that nothing I or anyone will ever write, portray, or paint will give what Salzburg is owed. So I may as well write anyhow! That being said, I’m not sure what this article will be about really. I will not be recounting a funny story or reviewing where I stayed, or what I ate. I will simply express, as best as I can, how simply beautiful Salzburg is.

Going to Austria was a dream I’d never thought would come alive. It was the last city I visited during my year abroad in Europe and just like this article; I kept putting it off for several reasons. I knew that I wanted to go during the summer. When it was warm and when the sun was shining. That is when I am my happiest. I wanted so desperately for everything to be perfect so I could fully relish my time spent there. I must also admit that part of me was scared to visit Salzburg as I did not want the image of her that I held on to for 21 years to be destroyed. I did not want to be let down.

Why was I so obsessed with this city that I had not yet met? Sound of Music is my favorite film. And just like many others, I have watched it at least a million times – each time in awe of the scenery. Salzburg is one of the rainiest cities in Europe but thanks to Mother Nature, the week I spent there was only filled with sunshine and blue skies. The architecture! The mountains! The edelweiss! The people! The food! Every single part left me dazed when I finally arrived.

Every day that I spent in Salzburg, I walked through the Mirabell gardens. I sat in the very chapel Maria got married in, played in the fountains, and watched the sunset surrounding the Nonnberg Abbey. And every day I took time to walk through the city, sit by the river, and climb every mountain. I sang “Edelweiss” as I stopped to smell the flowers and drank pink lemonade under the sun. I met nuns and school children, fellow Sound of Music fans and even others who had never heard of the film. Do not get me started on the latter!

If there is one thing that you should take from this article it is that you should visit right now! Salzburg is a very old city surrounded by hills that are truly alive. When I visited, it still appeared that way – beautiful and serene. But I could tell that it was on the brink of absolute change. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to experience it in the event that it does change. There were hints of modern skyscrapers and concrete buildings taking over. I hope it is not true. I pray it is left untouched by contemporary monstrosities. And, above all, I wish it’s not too late for you.

Nicole Maria
Nicole Maria
I like to pack my bags, fall in love, get my heart broken, eat good food, dance all night, write about it, and do it all again.

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