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Is Visiting the Eiffel Tower Worth all the hype?

What can I say that hasn’t been said a million times before! This stunning signature of France is lovely and especially romantic on the day we chose to go, yes it was valentine’s day and before everyone pipes in and says oooo that’s so romantic, “Arrrr that’s a special place to spend valentine’s day”, wink wink nudge nudge. Nope not for me, I’m not one for the frills of girliness, I find it all very cliché, it doesn’t float my boat in the slightest.

So the Eiffel tower was special, but it was special because neither Lee or I had ever seen it before and we saw it together. Not only that but we skyped my family while we were there and they got to see it too.

If you do choose to visit the stunning building, just keep a few things in mind; there are tons of people touting their wears, well it’s not what they have made anymore but the cheap, tacky tourist souvenirs. It kind of spoils the atmosphere a little, “ten for 5 Euros” is spoken and seen everywhere. Everyone has to make a living I get that, but still, if you’re not into the tacky plastic, it gets relatively annoying. Also, check the weather out, we didn’t, and it rained and rained, this kind of puts a damper on the experience, but if we had checked, we could have been more prepared.

The last thing but not the least is, be prepared for crowds. Yes, it seems silly, but there are masses of people there. Don’t expect a unique romantic experience, thousands of people flock there, and you will never be alone.

It was lovely to see, but neither of us wanted to go up, so our experience was unique to us, and we can check it off the list.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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