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Incredible Places To Eat In Paris

Chez Ribe

A few years ago, after visiting the Eiffel Tower one more time, I went around to get some photos of the tower from some unusual angle – and I found several, one of the coolest is this picture below. Suddenly a hunger hit me, and I walked down the avenue where I was, where there were several Bistros. I entered Chez Ribe, ordered the Escargots with a glass of rosé and was very happy. On my first visit (I think in 2014) I also had an excellent Fillet with Fritas: the filet was super soft, the fritas were very thin (typical of France), and there was a very good sauce.

Last year I went back there, and in a moment of nostalgia, I made the same request and … surprise: hard meat, frozen fries and the sauce were replaced with mayonnaise (what do these people have in mind ???). But the escargots are still bad-looking – seriously, it’s worth going there just to taste them – I’ve tasted it in other restaurants, and it’s different!

Lafayette Gourmet

This gallery is undoubtedly an amusement park for those who enjoy gastronomy – 3,500 m² of pure fun, divided into two floors. One of them works a mega hortifruti, of those who want to buy everything. On the other floor, a mega grocery store where we found the most varied products and delicacies, and several restaurants to taste a little of everything (bar of oysters, meats, fish, caviar, salmon, foie gras, desserts.. Go hungry, Time and disposition.

Fuo de Pâtisserie

Let’s start with dessert? On my visit last year, I found this pâtisserie on the charming Montergueil Street – which is also full of beautiful places to eat. The concept here is really interesting: they sell desserts of various chefs who work in the city, the desserts arrive in the store daily in the morning, and there is always something new. Taste the “Mille-feuilles” with dulce de leche and the Yuzu Cheesecake – this last one of the best I’ve ever tasted!

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

The ambience of this restaurant is mega interesting because the kitchen is all open and surrounded by counters – you eat watching the kitchen move, when I’m alone, I like it. It’s a Michelin 2 star restaurant – not that I’m hooked on it, but worth mentioning. In spite of this, it is not expensive, of a rare type: at lunch, there is a 4-course menu for 40 euros (bread, amuse, entree, main and dessert), super valid!

I enjoyed the food: very fresh, tasty, well prepared. As a starter, I ordered a salad with green leaves, thin slices of smoked duck breast and a soft egg with crusty angel hair (that thin batter) crispy – delicious! The main course was white fish (I can not remember which one) wrapped in rice paper and mushroom broth and ginger – it was sensational, super delicate. And for dessert I tasted a light chocolate ice cream with chocolate mousse and passion fruit syrup – it looked like a cloud of chocolate with passion fruit, so light.

Le Burger Fermier

Just loved this burger! One day I went to visit the Marché des Enfants Rouges – the oldest market in Paris, which is in the vibrant Marais district, is a super cool option for a relaxed and unpretentious lunch, with several small restaurants scattered in the narrow corridors and The options are very diverse: bistros with local specialities, Moroccan food, fresh oysters open on time and of course, burger!

The options were so many and so different from each other that I was even confused until I found a hamburger called Le Burger Fermier: the concept is super interesting, they have a farm and from there comes the meats used in the hamburgers, they also produce the own bread (On their website they even have the recipe, I’ll try to do it anytime, the link is here) and the other ingredients (cheeses, sauces, lettuce, tomatoes) come from small producers. Result? A unique flavoured sandwich – and the fries are delicious. I loved it! If you do not like crowded places, have lunch there on a weekday – Saturday and Sunday.

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