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Some Anniversary Food at Canterbury’s A La Turka

So, 1 year. 1 whole year (well a day before) since we tied the knot. With that we decided to go away for a few days, opting to be far enough away but not too far away from our little man, who we left at home (not alone I may add).

Destination… Canterbury. More specifically the Apple Tree Orchard Air BnB just outside Canterbury. After a few hours of driving, we needed to figure out food. Well, if you have been reading our posts for the past few years you will know we live Turkish food. Especially at Ahmets on Brisbane’s South Bank.

Oh choice for the evening, a lovely little place called A La Turka. As with all restaurants we visit, we always book a table. Whether it be a 2pm lunch sitting, or a 8pm evening meal. Sometimes, we are glad we did. Others, like here, we needn’t have done so, unbeknown to us restaurant had only opened 30 minutes prior to our reservations. But, I did mean we got a great seat at the front of the restaurant.

Before we carry on. WOW! The décor was outstanding, and something we can imagine you would find in a great Turkish restaurant in Istanbul. As you can see in the images below.

For starters we have some hummus with flat bread along with some falafel. And for our mains Tina went for the mixed shish kebab, and I wanted to try something a little different. Oh what a costly error this was! I went for the Helep Kebab, which was chargrilled marinated minced lamb drizzled with butter and served with Halep sauce (spicy tomato sauce) serviced with a grilled tomato and grilled chilli pepper.

The menu did say spicy, which I like. But, this was almost inedible for me. After picking out the meat, my mouth could only manage that and some of the bulgur. It was my lovely wife that then shared some of her delicious shish kebab with me. But it was certainly a lesson learnt, hot in Turkish food means fiery pit of hell hot.

There was no room for dessert here as I could barely move by the time I left. However, I had loads of sweet treats back at the apartment for afters.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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