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The Art That Is The Daging Wood Carving in Bali

Okay, so the Daging Wood Carving is a bit of a tourist trap. But I was still interested in seeing the traditional process of the wood being carved by the local craftsman.

Get yourself a piece from $12 through to $30,000!

We got shown around by a staff member/ sales assistant; it was evident they had said the speech a hundred times about the process of how the wood has been created, you know the type! This is the types of wood we use; this is the techniques we use etc. etc. I guess I say it was a bit of a tourist trap because they were quite pushy when it came to looking around the shop of completed artwork. They kept mentioning that you could get a significant 30% discount if you wanted to purchase anything. It was cool to see, but I can’t say I would make it a special trip just to go there but if you want a wooden carved sculpture then this place is as good as any.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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