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All You Need to Know Before you Head Through Heathrow Airport

Ever since I moved down to England, Heathrow became my second home. I spent more time in Heathrow terminals than anywhere else.

In this article I would like to give more information about your journey the time you checked in your bag to step in to the aircraft

When you checked in your bag, there are two choices

  • Check-in via checking desk – I still believe in this method as you can still get the information and nothing goes wrong
  • Check-in via self-checking machines – The fast way to get your boarding passes

So when you have checked in your luggage, the next thing is to go through the security. Before that, make sure your hand luggage is the correct size (56cm x 45cm x 25cm). If this is not. You may have to check in your hand luggage (potentially costing you a huge amount of money and stress). So, be ready for the right size. So before you enter you have to scan your boarding pass

So, before you enter you have to scan your boarding pass, there are key things to remember before you go to the security.

Make sure all the liquids you have is less than 100ml, it’s not the total of 100mls. However, each individual liquids have to be on or below 100ml. Most people think that they have less in their after shave bottle which is 150ml the security will let them take it. NO they will not let you take your 150ml aftershave bottle even though it only has a few drops left.

So please make sure you have that in your mind. Other important thing to note is you can have several bottles on, or below 100mls. You must not exceed the total of 1litre. All your liquid bottles has to fit in the clear plastic bag which the security provides. The bag is approximately 20cm x 20cm. I’m pretty sure they will ask you to put your liquids in that plastic bag and ask you to seal it before you put it on your tray even though you have your own see through bag.

Another important thing is sharps. You can’t carry any sharp blades, knives, scissors with blades over 6cm (from fulcrum). Also firing weapons, this includes all kind of firearms, replica firearms (even kids toy guns). Anything that they deem a threat. It’s a prohibited item, so make sure you don’t have anything drop in above categories

Also if you have your baseball/softball bat, nightsticks. I must say sorry; you will lose it before you go through to the departure lounge.

Any flammable item, harmful gasses any chemical materials any corrosives hazardous biological materials, non-safe matches, lighter fluids are another kind of prohibited on board.

You might think the security is harsh or rude. But they are there for yours and their security. Reflect on if anything happens at 36,000ft. You would certainly be wishing those stringent security steps were in place.

Another main point is making sure that all your electronic devices are charged. If not, you are not allowed to take it on board. Don’t worry there are plenty of charging points in Heathrow. DO NOT take your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board (they shouldn’t work now anyway). Some of the airlines have banned that phone on their planes, even if it is switched off!

So when you go to put your bags into the security screen

  • Take your laptop and large electronic items out and palace in a tray
  • Get your see-through liquid bag out and place in a tray
  • Remove your shoes (if instructed), belt and make sure to put your phone in one of the trays before you go through the scanner

So after all this security, you are officially airside. All you have to do now is purchase your duty-free.

If you need anything ask from PURPLE PEOPLE. Yes, that’s correct the people with fully purple uniform are the correct people to ask anything about Heathrow. It is their job to make sure you are getting correct information at all times

So again, Duty-free, one of the most exciting things at any airport. So, you might buy a gin to take to your friends in Abu Dhabi. Want to buy a nice aftershave, for yourself? Make sure you check the rules and regulations of your duty-free purchases before you buy anything.

So when you have done all of this, its time to wait for your flight. Unlike other airports, your gate is not mentioned in your boarding pass at all the time of checking in. You have to check the screens to get to the right gate. If anything unsure ask PURPLE PEOPLE

So now all ready to go, say hello to the flight crew for me.

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