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Visiting the Big Sur along Californias coast

In May of last year, my girlfriend decided to plan a trip to Big Sur, CA for my birthday. Since we had never been to Big Sur before, we were not sure what to do while we were there. After finding many popular suggestions, such as Bixby Bridge, McWay Falls, and Pfeiffer Beach to name a few. We decided we wanted to try and find something different. A more off the beaten path thing to do as well. Then, we found it. For a mere $12.00 you could get a guided 3-hour tour through an old lighthouse that was built on top of a rock. Outcropping right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, perfect!

The Point Sur lighthouse is a great stop on the Big Sur

The Point Sur Lighthouse is easy to find right off Highway 1 north of the old Naval Station. The lighthouse itself is still lit every day and is easy to spot. But, keep a lookout for the actual gate itself along the road as it is easy to pass. You will find a sign with tour information on. There are only two times per day, on specific days that the tours operate (the days and times change throughout the year so be sure to check their website for the correct days and times for the season).

All tours are on a first come first serve, so be sure to get there early. Volunteer tour guides will meet you at the gate, and let you through. After which, you drive along the somewhat paved dirt road, to the base of the rock. Where you park your car and begin afoot.

After you park the guides start to take you up the narrow road that leads to the top of the rock, stopping along the way to share fascinating stories of its history and for photo ops.

It really is an unforgettable tour, just for $12!

You are allowed a backpack, and I would suggest bringing extra water and snacks since it is a long tour. I would also encourage a jacket or windbreaker, especially during colder seasons, due to common cold winds blowing in off the ocean. Also as a side note for those of you with small children, there are no railings along the road as you make your way up to the lighthouse and the cliffs are sheer at some points so definitely keep them close. As you make your way up the road, the views only get more and more breathtaking of the Big Sur coast.

The first of the buildings you stop at is the lighthouse, which you get to go inside! You then make your way up to the rest of the light station at the top of the rock, which is surrounded by an inspiring 360-degree view, where you get to go through the station keepers’ cabin and workshop. Finally, you end the tour in the gift shop where you then pay your fee and can pick up cool souvenirs and have some snacks outside at the tables and benches and enjoy a gorgeous view.

Take as many photos as your little camera can manage.

It is an unforgettable tour, and it is only $12! Bring a Camera as you are allowed to take pictures of any and all that you see on tour. Also, the light station volunteers do night tours and other special events as well. You can check out dates, times, events, and other info at their website:

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