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The Very Unimpressive Cairns Night Market

So what do you think off went the word market is said to you nowadays? Well for me its stalls selling rather cheap merchandise and tacky rubbish and this place certainly had its share of this kind of stalls, but it had some great little boutique shops too, some independent business selling their wares.

They had a dried tea shop, spices, and other things mixed in with the traditional tourist trap stalls. One thing that stood out was the number of people asking us whether we would like a massage, it did become a little taxing towards the end and kind of ruin the vibe a little. My favourite was the clothes stores, not my usual favourite (that is typically the food) but the clothes there were beautiful and if I had a bucket load of money I could have easily bought a whole new wardrobe there. Hehe

On your way in and out of the markets, people are selling a variety of different foods, mostly fast food and of course we may have indulged a little in one of our favourite treats a churro coated with a rather delicious hazelnut spread.

Yum yum but there was all sorts available, but I can’t say I was tempted by the large buffets of open Chinese food, the rather disconcerting fried food that was several shades of brown has never really appealed.

It was an experience and one I can check off the list, but unless you’re a typical tourist, it’s nothing overly special. Sorry, Cairns!

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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