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A Little Sprinkle at Sprinkles in Brighton Town Centre

We had just had a great day out with friends and family. Having only had a TGI Fridays we needed to have dessert. TGI have some good ones, but we had remembered that there was a new place that had opened up in Brighton a few weeks before.

Sprinkles is a few minutes up from the Brighton Centre and about 5 minutes walk down from the central Brighton train station. You have plenty of parking in the 2 substantial multi-storey car parks around. Be prepared to pay around £5ish for the privilege.

Food Quality

I had a cookie dough with crunchie ice cream, It was exactly how I would have expected it to be. Ooey and gooey with just the right portion size. It would be so easy to go into here wanting to eat a manhole-size dessert. But, in reality, this would never happen.

Tina has a waffle with banana, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. It was lovely and fluffy but the wait to get it when the shop was quiet was more than you would have expected. So, I would couldn’t imagine what the time would be on a Saturday afternoon.

Value for Money

You’re looking at about £10-£12 for the two desserts here.

This is more than what we would have spent had we had dessert at TGI Friday. However, you would not have had the same quality that we had here. You have a wide range of different ice creams to have with your desserts. They do charge a premium for having anything other than vanilla cornet ice cream. This is my eyes is extortion, but hundreds like us would pay for the ‘upgrade.’


It was 8.30pm on a Saturday, and you would have expected it to have been much busier than it was. You had about 6-7 tables used, but only 2-3 members of staff (of which only 1 was behind the counter).

There is no table service here, everything is done at the counter.

With the seemingly endless new ice cream parlours opening up on a monthly basis. We found this one to be very much samey, samey regarding quality and what they offer.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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A Little Sprinkle at Sprinkles in Brighton Town CentreAs far as location goes compared to the other ice cream parlours like this, it's pretty good. You have the multi-storey parking within a couple of minutes walk. The vast choice of ice creams on offer. If you're in Brighton and in Churchill Square, it would be worth a quick stop to Sprinkles.