An Unexpected Surprise At The Foodmart Primo

So we had been looking at cinemas in Bali (oh how we love to watch a good film), as we had not seen a proper new release for what seemed like months now.  After many minutes searching, we came across Lippo Mall in Kuta.  We had not made it to Kuta yet, so it was a no-brainer.

After a short taxi ride, we had an hour to find somewhere to eat, eat and be on the screen to watch Suicide Squad.  After having a walk around the lower level of the mall, we seemed to gravitate towards the Foodmart Primo.  This was simply a food court attached to the hypermarket by the same name.

Food Quality

Tina had the Nasi Tumpeng Komplit.  This traditional Asian dish comprised of chicken, yellow rice, a potato side similar to Bombay potato (but incredibly spicy), omelette, a cold satay salad (which was extremely light and refreshing), and

I however had, you guessed it, a Nasi Goreng.  This time, I was asked if I wanted it normal or spicy.  I made the fatal error of asking it for spicy.  A place in the world where they love spice and plenty of it.

Having said that, though, it was hot and spice that just had you wanting to dive right back in again and again.  Disappointingly, I only got one.  Yes, one chicken satay skewer.  However, it was more than made up for with what has to be the best omelette I have ever eaten.  The rice was cooked fresh (which you could see from the open kitchen).  There are so many places we have eaten, well intact one.  Where the rice was not cooked fresh.  I’m sure you can see that if you search our food places in Bali.

Value for Money

Well, all the prices include government tax and service charge.  Something that is does not state on the menu.  This was great because we were planning on the meal coming to 140,000IDR roughly.  Where intact it came to 118,000IDR.  This was around £6, a bargain for a meal for two and two drinks.

Certainly a place we will be eating again before we head to the cinema.


It was quiet, but the member of staff who served us was full of life.  It did get busier as the time went on.  Just as we were leaving the place, we pretty packed and with people leaving the cinema and coming in. It’s certainly somewhere that will get very busy.

You can’t book a table, so it would be a case of being lucky the later you arrive.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
Hola, i'm Lee and one half of the founders of Look at our World. You will quite often find me either behind the computer maintaining this stunning website, or sampling some incredible food.

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