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Things To Do in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the capital of West Java province. Many people go on holiday to Bandung at the weekends. Because Bandung has many tourist attractions. From culinary tourism, nature tourism and art tours. Price issued by people on vacation at Bandung arguably quite cheap. I lived in Bandung, and I am very thankful for that. Because the place is comfortable, clean and relaxed. Facilities and good planning to make Bandung tourist destinations very crowded.

If you are planning a vacation to Indonesia. I strongly suggest you go to Bandung, West Java, and I make sure you will not regret it. A few things that should be done when you are in Bandung are tasting the culinary in Bandung. Bandung is famous for its unique culinary like Batagor (baso fried tofu with fish), Seblak (spicy food with the essential ingredients of crackers) and Peuyem (fermented from cassava). In addition to its culinary, unique tourist destinations and cool and fitting made on holiday with family, friends, and companions. Destinations you should visit among others

‘Alun-Alun’ of Bandung

In there you can take pictures of Bandung with different characters such as Olaf, Elsa and more. Also, you can relax on the vast expanse of artificial turf while unique street lamps-foto. For Muslims in the square of Bandung, there is a very magnificent Mosques and convenient to the place of prayer.

Balai Kota Bandung (Bandung City Hall Park)

Bandung City Hall park in the city centre is the place of work of Bandung City Mayor. The Park is always crowded because it provides great places to photograph and relax. One of the photos and the play is often on the visit at City Hall is maze.

Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village)

Is a good fit for families. There we bus to take pictures in a great spot and interesting. There are many types of flowers are beautiful and colourful. Also, you and your family can eat in a unique place where such as the bird cage and the traditional House of Sunday.

The road of Braga

The street is peddling paintings from artists of the streets, buildings around the path of braga and invites very classic impression of calm for visitors, decorated with a unique street lamps and painting peddlers make way Braga looks colourful and vintage.

GunungHawu padalarang

For those of you who enjoy hiking, you can visit West Bandung Regency. There is a mountain of the mountaintop Hawu offers beautiful views. Hawu Mountain is surrounded by cliffs and rocks so that it creates a different impression when hiking there.

In addition to the places listed above, you can also visit some of the places that are very interesting and certainly cheaper. Some interesting destinations should also visit are:

  • Tebing Keraton
  • Floating Market
  • Book market Palasari
  • The Lodge Maribaya
  • Forest Park Ir.H.Djuanda

There are more things that you can find in Bandung. I hope you can pay a visit to Indonesia to enjoy.

Happy holidays and warm greetings from Indonesia.

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