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The Breathtaking Uluwatu Temple in South Kuta, Bali

It’s our first couple of days in Bali, and we were ready for a bit of culture, so we hired a local driver (recommend to us by a friend) and asked him to take us somewhere beautiful.

Uluwatu is a beautiful temple perched on top of a very sharp cliff, and it’s view’s seems to go on for miles.

You can park at the temple and walk around, but you can’t visit the place in which they pray as this is gated off to the general public. There are however steps all-around, huge steps! If you’re not confident on your feet, you might want to give the climb, and I mean climb around the edge of the cliff a miss. But you will miss out on the spectacular views.

Standing at the top and looking down was a different experience, but one that will terrify and leave you in a state of awe too, it was awesome.

We continued to walk along the cliff’s edge, and we came across a group of monkeys. Aww, they were so cute, well until a small one tried to climb my leg that is. Needless to say, I turned around and left Lee to photograph them.

We then sat down to watch the Kecak and fire dance; we were about 20mins early or so, and I’m glad we were because the people piled in. It very soon became a sit everywhere and anywhere they could fit a bum on, it was crazy crowded.

Also, another advantage of being early was that we got to watch the sun go down over the cliff’s edge. Excellent view and a light relief to, as it was so hot and we needed a break from the scorching sun.

The dance started, and it was an authentic experience. We were in awe of the costumes, the chanting, and the dancing. It was a great first introduction to Balinese culture.

Tina Webber
Tina Webber
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