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Getting The Most Out Of Visiting The Gibraltar Rock Monkeys

When you think of Gibraltar you tend to think of two things, either the huge rock or the rock monkeys.  The latter is what everyone wants to see and very often do not know the best times to see them with very few tourists.

Throughout the year, regarding of whether this is Summer or Winter you will have to pay to head up the rock.  When we went this would have been £10.00GBP per adult (which meant 13+) that’s right, a tenner just to drive up the rock. Then £2.00 per car so a family of 4 could be paying up to £32.00 to drive up the rock.

You can, however, take the cable car, but this was being charged at about £12.00 for a return trip or £19.50 per adult to go up the car and then see the nature reserve.  Both of these, in my opinion, is far too much money, because after 5.30pm you can drive up the rock and not pay a penny.  Admittedly you do not get access to the other attractions you have up there, but the whole point really is to go up and see these Monkeys.


Unless you really know where you are going it can be a little troublesome to find if driving, if you are a walker then head through the high street and you will soon see the cable car heading up the side of the rock.  You can find more information about the Cable Car and how to find them and book tickets HERE.


There appears to be plenty of parking, however, during the summer months, you will be waiting for a very long time to get up the rock itself, and then even longer to wait for a parking space to become available.

The best thing we would suggest is if you fancy it and are able to, park down off the high street and go for a walk.  I warn you now the walk is 1,400m and classed at hard on the VisitGibraltar website.  They then proceed to say it will take approx 1.5-2 hours, you can read more about walking up the Mediterranean Steps.

So when it comes to visiting Gibraltar but more specifically we would advise the following things


  • Avoid the cost by arriving after 5.30pm and getting there to see there incredible sunset to the East
  • Beware when taking food, the sneaky little blighters will have your food away before you realise and then have the cheek to taunt you with it
  • Obvious but still, these are wild monkeys and should be underestimated.  Treat them with respect and they will not harm you (unless you are silly enough to do the above)
  • Take a camera, whether it be your smartphone or DSLR.  You will get some incredible images up there. Even if its just the country below.
Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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