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A Good Idea at the Time.. Mykonos on One Wheel

When I think of Mykonos certain visions flood my mind. Beach parties, cocktails, paradise and the list goes on.

So I would like to share my experience with you as a green traveller, and by green, I mean first unsupervised vacation as a 20 something adult.

The year was 2002, my boyfriend (now husband) and I embarked on our first trip to Europe together. And what a memorable trip it would be. We met in Rome and travelled south eating and drinking our way throughout the country. Our next destination was Greece.

Upon arriving in Athens, we decided a ferry would be the quickest and cheapest way to get to Mykonos. So we made our way to Piraeus to purchase tickets, both of us stood silently waiting for the agent to finish their cigarette.

Silent again by partner nudged me to talk.

Okay, I haven’t as yet disclosed that I am Australian born to Greek parents and can speak the language (as many of my fellow cousins can attest. Yes I was forced by threat of a wooden spoon to attend Greek school).

At the time I felt that my Greek was inferior and was quite embarrassed to speak the language, however, plucked up the courage and proceeded to purchase two tickets.

The ferry ride to Mykonos was one I will never, ever forget. I ended up on the rear hull of the ferry face down; my partner checked up on me once, and once only. Not a beautiful sight, considering there were approximately 20 odd travellers in the same situation. We finally hit the port, and I embraced the solid ground.

After checking into our hotel, we walked into town. We passed through a very busy motorcycle hire store. What a great idea. We decided it would be the ideal way to travel around the island; this is before witnessing the half grazed and battered individuals partying on the island. As I said earlier green!

I asked my partner if he had every ridden a bike before, low and behold he had not. Well, I, on the other hand, had ridden a peewee during my camping trips as a child and felt I had this.I explained to my partner how he should hold in the clutch and slowly release it as he takes off, explaining how the gears worked and how to accelerate and brake.And no I did not ride the bike; I thought it would be best if he did initially that is. Bad idea. Maybe.

Well, we proceeded with the rental and my husband felt he needed a test ride.He took off perfectly and commenced riding down the strip; I heard screams coming from all corners including the owner of the rental store.

He was trying to motion my partner to correct the riding position as he rode on the wrong side of the road. He turned the corner, and I lost sight, I must have been frozen solid contemplating the horror for the full 2 minutes he was absent.

He finally came back white as a ghost. He wasn’t keen on proceeding with this rental. However, I advised him that practice makes perfect. This would be one of my many not so bright ideas.

So I hopped on the back, and we proceeded to ride back to the hotel. We must have stopped approximately 25 times, but you can never be too careful right? We caused quite the traffic jam, my partner and I terrified of crossing a very busy and frantic round about.

We finally made it back to the hotel in one piece, and my partner a little more confident advised he would park the bike in the hotel garage.

Well, he took off, and boy did he take off. He mono-ed his way into the garage where I lost sight, however, heard the deafening noise that proceeded. Running in to investigate, my partner had collided straight into a copper dining table and chairs.

He was still in one piece and amazingly so was the bike. Without hesitation, we returned the bike that very day. It was the first of many memorable trips; however, I must declare that hiring any motorised item other than a car has never eventuated.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Happy adventures to you all!

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