Germany Off The Beaten Track

Enchanted Germany Where Fairytales are Made

Ever dreamt of going where Fairy tales are made? Enchanted Castles hidden in the forest sound appealing? Well take a trip to Germany’s Moselle Valley and go off the beaten track to some of the most picturesque places in the world

Off the Beaten Track in Western Germany (Maifeld)

The beautiful area called Maifeld is home to one of the most magnificent and best preserved castles in Germany named Burg Eltz. Wonderfully located on Germanys most beautiful hiking trail 2013 and surrounded by pure nature, it appears to be a dreamlike fairy-tale castle.

Our First Jazz Concert… In A Church!

Just what exactly comes to mind when you think of a jazz concert? Well, my impression is, a dark artistic style basement with low lighting,...

The Impressively Named Hochwildscutzpark

It was about time for us to see some cute fluffy things, hehe. Hey, so it's been at least a month since we shared...

The Best Worscht in Mainz

We were advised when staying in Zornheim that we needed to try curry worscht and the best place to do so was the aptly...

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