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Budapest, Hungary – an Incredible Culinary Adventure

While wandering around the streets of Budapest, it’s easy to find a place to eat.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to try out the traditional meals or the special ones your own country offers, you can find every taste here. Meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, bio, paleo, healthy, unhealthy, junk food, sweet, spicy, pure – just choose one!

Budapest restaurants and cafes welcome both locals and tourists. Unfortunately, not so many Hungarian know English or other foreign languages well, but provide multilingual menus and the waitresses (or waiters) will be able to communicate with you for sure.

Since I’m Hungarian, I tried many places to eat out and these are the best places to go:

Extra Budapest

The atmosphere is amazing here with perfect service, friendly staff and – the most important – delicious and fresh meals. Extra describes itself like this: “EXTRA offers many ways to enjoy yourself: during the day we play the best of lounge music, just enough to keep the good vibes. And when the weekend comes, the stage area becomes the playground of many talents: live performers, and DJs of many musical genres.”
As you can see, in its website you can switch to English easily to find menu and about pages.


Attaboy! is a street food bistro which has a graceful style. While waiting for your food, you can choose from several art magazines to catch up with the new trends.

The serving style is special: they decorate your plate with sauce or dipping (it depends on what kind of food you ordered) with symbols and emoticons to enhance the experience. It often has discounts which can be found on its website.

W35 American and Mexican Grill Bar

The genre is obvious, I assume. Absolutely delicious menus, great staff, multicultural atmosphere – the perfect place to go after a trip in Budapest. It has bars in Buda and Pest, to boot.

Zeller Bistro

Zeller (celery in English) is a cosy Hungarian restaurant famous among tourists and is first ranked on TripAdvisor. What’s special here, is a sheet of paper put on each table with a couple of colourful pencils to draw something while waiting for the meals. The staff is extremely friendly, the prices are reasonable and perfect to taste Hungarian flavours.

Vinyl & Wood Café – Get lost in Wonderland

A really stylish and neat vegan café, with a 4.9 rating (from 5). Originally, Vinyl & Wood was a company which sold home decoration, phone cases, sunglasses, etc. made of wood. From September (2016) they opened their café to broaden their fame and to give more to their customers. Now, everyone can visit their café, which is furnished with their own products (e.g. clocks). Really stylish, really unique!

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