Bali Life

A Very Short Trip To The Sanur Festival 2016

We wanted to experience a local festival, and as we saw signs for the Sanur Festival. I thought it would be awesome to go. Our lovely driver suggested that it could be done on one of the days he took us out so we wouldn't have to worry about transport.

Angel to Angel Art of Silver in Bali

The Angel to Angel Art of Silver is a very striking building from the outside. We went to the shop Ubud, but I think they other shops around Bali too. This is technically a silversmith workshop and retail shop but from the outside, it looks like a royal palace.

The Great Art The Is Batik Making

Batik, a Javanese pronunciation 'bate' to the Indonesian 'batik,' originates from the Javanese means to dot, a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole piece of material.

Jati Luwih, Just One Of The Magnificent Bali Rice Terraces

We have seen so many Bali rice terraces from postcards and Pinterest.  This was on the list that Tina drew up for Bawa.  We had no idea where we were going; we certainly couldn’t direct you how to get there other than the name.

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