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The Very Small But Impressive Bat Cave

We were coming to the end of our time here in Bali, and we had not been the less tourist east side.  With our now good friend Mr Wayan Bawa driving us, we knew we were in for a great day ahead.

Our first stop was the Bat Cave.  Named, because of just that.  This must have been the cheapest temple to visit, costing around 6,000IDR (around 35p).  It was a tiny temple, but there was so much going on.  I am not 100% sure what was going on, but you have hundreds of people on both sides of the road.  With offerings everywhere, we took a walk through.

It seemed like forever to get in, as groups of people pilled through the tiny opening to head across the road.  When we arrived through that, we were welcomed with more people.  Just sitting there, facing the opening to the bat cave.  I managed to get closer (with the guidance of Bawa).  It was an incredible experience, just to see everyone creating these offerings.

We didn’t hang around long, we had a hectic, and long day ahead.  So we briefly walked across the road, making sure not to go beyond a certain point. This indeed, made you realise culture, and how other cultures around the world celebrate things.

So although a short visit, certainly one not to miss.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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