The scary sea ride to The Maya Bay

As the boat approached deeper waters, the sea became rough and the boat began to sway like hell. It was carried to great highs and lows by the beastly sea storm. It was going to crash I strongly felt.

A little bit about chaos: traffic in Bangkok

Have you ever tried to ride behind the taxi driver of a motor scooter through the noisy streets of Bangkok? If not you definitely should experience it yourself.

The Plight of the Asian Elephant

Interested in volunteering with elephants in a productive, humane, and authentic way? Keep reading to learn about how you can help these gentle giants!

There is plenty of things to keep you busy in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

When you think of Thailand. What do you think of? Is it the partying, the ladyboys, the beaches, or something else. With incredible street food, and plenty of things off the beaten track. Ho Chi Ming will give you plenty to do on your visit here.

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