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Sunset In Santorini – Summer 2016 Travel Vlog – A Day...

Mykonos To Santorini and Sunset in Amoudi, Oia - Santorini, Greece. This vlog shows how to travel to Santorini, Where to stay in Santorini, What to do in Santorini, How to plan a trip to santorini

Piraeus, One Lunchtime – A Walk Through The Ancient Greek Port...

The small dark corners, the little-deserted cafes - sometimes they hide the greatest of treasures. There is such a place deep in the heart of Piraeus, Athens port town. A place for locals, but incredibly welcoming of visitors.

Thessaloniki, the biggest and most beautiful city in Northern Greece! Have...

Thessaloniki offers travellers a bit of sun even in winter, delicious food even in midnight, nightlife even during the weekdays and wonderful sunsets!!

Wild Camping – A Cautionary Tale

Although only a very small number of people infected with the histoplasmosis fungus develop OHS, if you have been exposed, you should be sensitive to any changes in your eyesight. Apparently, I had become one of that small number of people.

A Good Idea at the Time.. Mykonos on One Wheel

When in Greece, do what the Greeks do (or the Italians, Germans, Aussies etc). A little bit of advice if I may, maybe not. Here is a little story about the time my partner and I thought it would be a great idea to hire a motorcycle in Mykonos. This would be one of the many adventures we would embark upon, and one of many stories we would share over a drink or two or maybe three.

Off the Beaten Track on Kos Island

There is a place in Kos island where you can experience the hot water from the spring of the mountain exactly next to the cold water of the sea.