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We are overwhelmed to be crowned Best Personal Travel Blog 2020 by LUX Life Magazine. With over 5 years of hardwork, we are thrilled to receive the award.

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With well over 400 articles now and going strong, we have something for everyone. See the world through our eyes, and hopefully get inspired to Look at our World.

Red Card Games

We know travelling can be boring with nothing to do. That's why we are creating our very own travel card game. Perfect for all ages and from 2+ players.

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World Travel Writers

We are Lee and Tina Webber, two normal people who love to travel. Whether it be an Indonesian Cruise or a lovely Family Trip to Butlins you can follow ours and our contributors adventures here.

You may find that we have a long time between travels right now. That’s because we have had a few medical issues, the arrival of our second child, and now the arrival of COVID-19.

For the time being, we will be going through the archive of our travels to bring you some great advice, tips, and hacks for when the world starts to get back to normal.

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Going Strong

We have some incredible followers, spread across 5 social media platforms we have an enormous reach. 

If we were a country, we would be larger than 33 other countries around the world. Nestled between Tonga and the Seychelles. That’s larger than 10% of the countries globally. That’s incredible!

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