Indonesia Animals and Nature

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The Dead Temple. Also Known As The Sacred...

Before we start, I had done some reading on this place on a particular Facebook group (i won’t give them any exposure because I thought the page was poorly managed and freedom of speech was not allowed).  They had mentioned being bitten by the monkeys and having them climb all over them.  I was feeling quite anxious about heading up here.

The HUGE Bali Botanical Gardens

We love a good botanic garden.  We have certainly been to some of the best in the world (Cairns and Singapore spring to mind more than others).So when we were asked if we wanted to visit the botanic gardens in Bali, we just couldn’t say no. 

OMG we got to Hold a Baby Turtle at...

The Turtle Island Pulau Serangan was a beautiful suggestion by our very professional driver Wayan Bawa; he said as we have time we should visit this turtle sanctuary. Cool!