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The Rather Expensive Kemenuh Bali Butterfly Park

We were travelling from Legian to Ubud, and we stopped off at this butterfly park in Kemenuh. The entry price was a little higher than an average entry price to a tourist attraction in Bali, but we had heard good things so we thought we would give it a go. So we paid 100,000 IDR which was about £6 and were given a sweet mixed fruit juice on entry.

We had an escort from the reception area to the large but single butterfly enclosure; we walked around the winding path with trees and shrubs on either side. There seemed to be around five very common different butterflies. But there was a lot you couldn’t see as they were shrouded by foliage. As we walked through I saw a lot of carnage, what I mean is there were a lot of dead butterflies over the ground, pieces of wings and all sorts over the path we were walking on.

Thousands of cocoons ready for the pupal stage.

The best bit I found was the incubation enclosure, we got to see the different stages of pupation of the butterfly and the butterfly keeper picked them up and put them all over both me and Lee. This was obviously was the best part for me and definitely a very cool experience.

I would say though we were probably only in this place for about half an hour, definitely, don’t make a special trip but if butterflies are your thing, definitely pop in on your way to somewhere else.

Lee Webber
Lee Webber
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