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Beach Hopping in the French Riviera

Deciding that I did not want to jump into the Seine, I took a train from Paris to Nice and decided to test the different beaches along the French Riviera up until Monaco. What can I say? They all have the bluest water, the warmest sun, and very friendly locals.

Travel Day to Disney Land, Paris for Christmas 2017

Day 1 of our 5 day Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris for Rachels Birthday! We flew out from Birmingham airport and got checked in...

Normandy, A French Region That Never Disappoint You!

4 cities in Normandy you don't want to miss out!

Paris Through The Seasons

Paris through the lens of a newcomer. Paris by day, Paris by night, Paris like I love it and like I want people discover about. Paris day by day, through the seasons.

Incredible Places To Eat In Paris

Paris, in my opinion, is all good: vibrant, beautiful and full of wonderful places to eat - from starred restaurants to some gems hidden by the city. And it has all tastes and pockets. I've been to town a few times - and always looking for food! I always came up with a huge list of places to go to eat and left with a bigger list yet. Anyway, I'll always have to come back. I made this list with my favorite places from where to eat in Paris.

Our Perfect Valentines in Paris

Okay so for me, hearts and frills of valentine's day make me feel, unfortunately. It's just not me; I don't do fluffy teddies or...

Our Little Adventure on Getting the Train to Paris

So we're up early, we plan to walk around Paris. But of course we have to get there first, and a Peruvian train was...

Is Visiting the Eiffel Tower Worth all the hype?

What can I say that hasn't been said a million times before! This stunning signature of France is lovely and especially romantic on the...

Oh Meal at Frog XVI, But No Frogs in Sight

Trying to find a restaurant in Paris that would A) suit our budget and B) satisfy our want to all things Parisian, was going...